Pathways Massage Therapy

Pathways Massage Therapy Teresa Carver is a Massage Therapist specialising in Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage.  Teresa is a fully qualified Massage Therapist from Brandon Raynor’s School of Natural therapies, accredited by the International Natural Therapists Association.

Raynor Massage is a system of bodywork developed by Canadian born and Australian trained Naturopath Brandon Raynor. As well as […]

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Modern Meditation

Modern Meditation

Modern meditation is learning to relax the brain, creating order. From an inquiring, questioning brain arises a healthy curiosity where there will be freedom to explore, freedom to understand, freedom to discover and in which the looking will be the seeing.

What if our religion was each other, if our practice was […]

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Art Of Living Foundation

Art Of Living Foundation

The Art of Living Foundation conducts stress-releasing breathing programmes for Art of Living Part 1 Course graduates.

Every Monday at 7.30pm in Studio Room  (ground floor). Contact Ewa.

07742 624188

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Samatha Meditation

Samatha Meditation

Samatha means calm.

Samatha meditation is an effective but gentle way of training the mind to develop inner strength and freedom from turmoil, and leads to clarity and understanding.

This path from calm to ‘insight’ was followed by the Buddha himself, and is a central tradition of Buddhist meditation. […]

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