Humming Bee Music

Humming Bee Music

Humming Bee Music launches at ETNA this Sunday morning with two sessions back to back.

1000 – 1040 and 1045 – 1130

All preschoolers and their grown ups welcome!

Rose is an Early Years music specialist and Kodály trained music teacher. The sessions will be full of singing, dancing, and fun!

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İnci’s Drama Class

İnci’s Drama Class Creative drama lessons for kids and adults (Turkish speakers).

One of the foremost focuses of İnci’s professional career has been planning and implementing Kids Programmes.

İnci has done much research into the influence of creative thinking and visually entertaining education on the development of children’s personalities at different stages of their lives. She has […]

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Geeky Kids

Geeky Kids Geeky Kids is a coding club for children aged 6 to 14 years. We teach kids about computer science, programming and problem solving in a fun and intuitive manner. Our one hour classes run once a week and are normally split evenly to allow time for the lesson and also hands on practical […]

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Unlock your child’s potential with Kumon

Your local Kumon St Margarets Study Centre, offers individualised maths and English study programmes, suitable for children of all ages and abilities. Established for nearly 60 years, the programmes enable children to develop their study skills and confidently tackle advanced work.

Through the Kumon Maths and English Programmes, Kumon will […]

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Elizabeth James Dance Academy

Elizabeth James Dance Academy All are welcome to join us for vibrant ballet and pop dance classes using fun props and imaginative techniques our classes are designed to inspire children of all ages.

Pop Dance classes are perfect for those non-stop movers who can’t resist a good pop song and are particularly popular with boys.

Come join […]

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Shotokan Karate

Shotokan Karate Shotokan Karate club Fukui (SofM) is working in a partnership with School of Masters, which is a club founded in 2002 by senior instructor Jacek Lipinski. The aim of the two clubs is to introduce this sport to a younger generation as it provides a lot of benefits and opportunities in life. In […]

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Sing-A-Song Music

Sing-A-Song Music

Music classes based on Kodály principles for children aged 3½-10.

Sing-a-Song provides a friendly environment with a qualified and experienced teacher where children really learn about music. Invaluable as pre-instrumental experience – as well as being great fun!

At Sing-a-Song children learn about music through songs and musical games. […]

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