ETNA Community Centre

ETNA Community Centre is an incorporated charity based in the heart of East Twickenham, TW1. It provides a vital location for social activities and services for the community, being home to a pre-school, charity offices, social and self-help groups. The clientele of the Centre spans across all different age, demographic and social groups. ETNA was set up in 1985, it is commissioned by The Borough of Richmond Upon Thames Council for its services for the community and has a 25-year lease that runs until 2048,

Our mission statement:

To offer a warm, welcoming environment in TW1 where people of all ages and backgrounds can meet and interact.

Our key aims are:

• To provide up to date facilities for the local community which will enhance community life and improve the lives of those living locally
• To listen to, and understand, what people from all parts of the community want and need from a community centre and help them to provide it
• To be a hub of excellence for local charities and organisations and, as such, help them develop their expertise and services for the community
• To encourage all types of community organisations and people from a wide range of backgrounds to use the Centre

To be able to do this ETNA needs to:

• Maintain its major asset – the community building
• Develop partnerships with current users
• Encourage new users by communicating with and engaging more individuals and groups in the locality who could benefit from what ETNA has to offer
• Encourage new groups to form and organise themselves – particularly when they meet obvious needs in the community. To support new initiatives through marketing, local knowledge, and preferential start up rates
• Continue to develop close relationships with local charities and local branches of national charities so we can provide them with the facilities to help them serve the local community
• Attract new users and clients on the basis of accessibility

We do our best to reflect our local community and to respond to its needs with creativity and enthusiasm. Over its lifetime the ETNA Centre has been many different things to many different people, but all those who have used the Centre seem to have fond memories of their involvement here. If you have not tried it yet, then why not give us a visit?