The ETNA Community Centre

The ETNA Community Centre serves the people living in East Twickenham and St Margarets. It provides them with a place where they can meet to pursue a variety of interests. At present 50 different groups rent rooms. Many are health related – well being, mindfulness and self help groups – and others include art and craft classes, study groups, training classes, dance classes and more. Weekend workshops are regularly run at the Centre and the main hall offers an ideal space for children’s parties and other functions. Local residents’ associations and the East Twickenham Village Group use the Centre as their main meeting hub. We can proudly say that the Centre meets the varying needs of a cross section of people ranging from toddlers to people in their late 80s and early 90s who need somewhere to meet and sate their thirst for knowledge and share their hobbies with like-minded friends.

The building at 13 Rosslyn Road was donated to the people of East Twickenham over 30 years ago for the benefit of the local community. The property has since been used as a community centre, the East Twickenham Neighbourhood Association (the ETNA Community Centre). The Centre is overseen by a Board of Trustees. Its primary source of income is derived from the rent of rooms. Our rates are based on a system that divides the weekday into three sessions, morning, afternoon and evening. When possible, sessions can be split into two offering best use of the facility and to ensure that even those with limited funds have the opportunity to use the Centre for their activities. To make sure that our rates are fair we regularly compare them with comparable organisations. This means that our charges are fair and adequate to ensure that we break even with a little bit to spare for a rainy day.

Richmond Borough Council, recognising the vital role the Centre plays in the community, and in accordance with the bequest of the original owners, have given the Trustees use of the building and ETNA is currently working with the council on a commissioning process.

We do our best to reflect our local community and to respond to its needs with creativity and enthusiasm. Over its lifetime the ETNA Centre has been many different things to many different people, but all those who have used the Centre seem to have fond memories of their involvement here. If you have not tried it yet, then why not give us a visit?

ETNA Community Centre Frontage