07apr11:3017:00Awaken in April11:30 - 17:00(GMT+01:00) Event Organized By: Tanya and Emma Yoga Retreats

Event Details

The ‘Awaken in April’ yoga day retreat will be a beautiful opportunity for you to rejuvenate, grow and flourish.

Awakening you to the energy and opportunity of spring, we will guide you through practices designed to energise and rejuvenate you. Aligning with the heart ‘anahata’ chakra (meaning wheel of energy), the asanas (physical postures) will open the body and connect you with the green transformative energy of this chakra.

The day will include three yoga practices, mindful time, food refreshments and a goody bag.

Open to all levels of experience so whether you’re new to rolling out your mat or have an established practice, everyone is welcome and will be looked after.

What to expect?

🧘🏼‍♀️Meditation and Rejuvenating Vinyasa: Arrive and awaken with a metta ‘loving kindness’ meditation and rejuvenating vinyasa ‘flow’ style yoga practice.

😴Yoga Nidra: After enjoying a freshly prepared vegetarian lunch, you’ll be guided through a heart chakra ‘anahata’ themed yoga nidra (‘yoga sleep’) session, known for its restorative qualities.

📚Mindful ‘you’ time: In between the afternoon practices there will be quiet time for you to indulge in an activity you don’t normally get the time to do, like read a book or listen to music, etc.

We’ll also support you with some ideas and options for mindful activities.

☯️Yin & Yang Yoga Practice: A practice that will combine the release of yin yoga with the energising quality of yang-based yoga. Giving you a spring in your step as the day concludes.

With all aspects of the day taken care of, all you need to do is show up and enjoy the experience.

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(Sunday) 11:30 - 17:00(GMT+01:00)


Attenborough Hall