The ETNA Tai Chi Chuan class was founded by Simon Suckling, a senior student of Master Chu King Hung. Simons an exceptional and talented teacher and practitioner and a remarkable exponent of Master Chu’s ‘happy chi’ approach to tai chi practice.  Since Simons relocation abroad his class is continued by Richard Chipping.

Richard’s also a senior student of Master Chu for whom he taught at Master Chu’s school from 1981 to 1996 when Master Chu retired. Master Chu was the third adopted son and disciple of Master Yang Sau Chung (eldest son of Yang Cheng Fu) and Richard has also studied for shorter periods with Master Yang’s other two disciples, Ip Tai Tak and Chu Gin Soon.

In addition Richard teaches and practices Baguazhang from Cheng Ting Hua and Yin Fu lineages and is CEO and senior trainer for a charity providing best practice evidence based personal safety and self defence training to those vulnerable and at risk, mainly focused on crime victims and survivors, the London Centre for Personal Safety (LCPS) and has been an advisor to local and national government, the Home Office and Metropolitan Police Service.  Richard is a qualified but non-practicing Acupuncturist and has a MSc in Health Psychology.

The health benefits of Tai Chi Chuan are profound and important but need clear, sound, accurate practice to develop, with a clear understanding of the principles and ideas underlying the practice.  Master Chu’s tenet of ‘happy chi’ is particularly important , but the health, martial, meditative, energetic and philosophical aspects are mutually complementary, supportive and enhancing. And provide very rich and diverse means to test, listen and explore the art and refine and deepen ones development, understanding, practice, health and well being. The health benefits especially are more powerfully and safely developed by using insight from the martial aspects of Tai Chi Chuan which offer many graduated and gentle ways, as well as more challenging ones to test and investigate ones understanding and expression to ensure the health benefits are obtained and not undermined.

Sessions usually begin with various Taoist loosening and warm up exercises, progress to Qi Gong (Chi Kung)  practice and then to the Yang family style empty hand long form. The form practice is clarified and refined by instruction and solo, group and partner practices and provides the foundation for various push hands practices, application and the weapons forms of the art, the single and double edged swords, staff and spear. All of which develop the practical power, energy and skill of application and enhance fitness, health and wellbeing.

The Monday Tai Chi Chuan class at ETNA is a mixed levels, mixed gender group, some are recent members, some have been attending for decades from diverse backgrounds. Richards focus in very much on teaching to the individual, as we all have our personal strengths and vulnerabilities and differing insights, the class is a powerful opportunity to explore deepen share and exchange our understanding and realisations.

Mondays (not Bank Hols) 19:30-21:00 in the Attenborough Hall

£12.00 per class on a monthly basis

Contact: Richard

07513 273104