The Tai Chi Chuan taught is the Yang Family Long Form as taught by Master Chu King Hung, my main influence, and one of his senior students Bob Coleman who I studied with for about 10 years.

The class begins with a warm up. The content varies after that, Chi Kung exercises, some simple partner work, the Tai Chi form, taught at the individuals pace. Movements are demonstrated, then repeated by the students, the movements are then refined through further demonstration and instruction. Followed by group practise of the form and further instruction and practise.

Men and women attend the class. Some have practised for 10 years others a short time. They all practice with respect for each other and co-operate with useful observations and constructive criticism. I didn’t like criticism, but now I see it is indispensable to make progress and should be welcomed as a chance to learn.

When I began practising as a young man, I was interested in becoming fast and strong. That outlook has changed. The longer I practise the more I become interested in ‘well being’ through practising Tai Chi Chuan.

One of my teachers, Master Chu said the main reason to practise Tai Chi Chuan was good health. He taught with ‘happy chi’. I try to follow his practise.

There is a poster in the ETNA hall that advertises the class for HEALTH, MEDITATION AND SELF DEFENCE. All are achievable by student’s effort and regular practise.

Tai Chi Chuan is a Chinese boxing art, it strengthens the body, makes it more flexible. It calms the mind and gives an understanding of self defence applications. The words ‘core training’ and ‘mindfulness’ equally apply to the art.

Tai Chi Chuan is sometimes referred to as a 20 year art. This, I was told implies it’s a lifetime’s work. I usually advise people to try it for a year to experience its effects. I’ve been practising for approaching 40 years. I practise and have practised other arts, Yoga, sitting meditation, Hsing-I, Pa Kua, and a Japanese art , Shintaido.

I was impressed by the teachers that could demonstrate the art, teach the art and inspire the students to continue their efforts. I aim to do the same.

The Tai Chi Chuan class runs on Mondays from 1930 – 2100, £12 per session.

Attenborough Hall.

Contact Simon Suckling.

020 8755 0104