The following Charity Organisations are based at ETNA

Arts Richmond

What’s On and How to Get Involved in the Local Arts Scene

Arts Richmond is an independent charity (est. 1966) with 100+ arts and cultural organisations affiliated in and around the borough of Richmond Upon Thames. We provide up-to-date info on ‘What’s On’ and ‘How to Get Involved’ in the local arts scene through our monthly newsletter, website and social media channels. We also run a programme of annual events to raise the profile of the Arts in the borough and organise visits to theatres and other cultural venues so that our members can benefit from group discounts in the company of like-minded people.

Counselling Initiatives

Offers unlimited term counselling for those on benefits or low incomes

There is little, if any, counselling support of a long-term nature offered to individuals who do not have the resources to access private and expensive counselling and therapy.  We are funded by the voluntary donations our clients are able to afford, sponsorship and private donations.  We are a Registered Charity No 10822706 and have been providing excellent support for clients since 2001.

You can see our full profile in the Counselling Directory

Or contact Anton Smith, Administrator, Counselling Coordinator

Environment Trust

The Environment Trust (est. 1984), is a nature and heritage conservation charity operating in the London Boroughs of Richmond upon Thames, Kingston upon Thames and Hounslow.  We educate, empower and mobilise people to improve, preserve and protect their neighbourhood for the benefit of nature and people everywhere.

Richmond Good Neighbours

Richmond Good Neighbours, a charity established over thirty years ago, provides services to the elderly, the disabled, the housebound and others living in the old civil parish of Richmond. Our help may be needed when statutory services, friends or family are unable to offer assistance with transport; shopping; visiting and befriending services. In short we offer most of the tasks of a non-specific nature such as might be offered by a ‘good neighbour’.


Others promise – ROCBaSE delivers

Starting or developing a business is a process not an event.  There are no quick fixes.  ROCBaSE business programmes are designed to give you the awareness and practical support required to give you the best possible chance of successfully launching a new business, products and services, new development plans and which will guarantee both sustainability and scaleability.

South West London Environment Network

SWLEN is an environmental and community development charity operating in the London Boroughs of Richmond upon Thames, Kingston upon Thames, Hounslow, Ealing and Wandsworth. We exists to build active and engaged communities in South West London who protect and enhance our environment. We support local communities to protect and enhance local parks and green spaces, facilitating the preservation of local biodiversity. We encourage and educate people and organisations to think and act sustainability, including saving energy (and CO2), raising awareness of the benefits of recycling and waste reduction, composting, food growing, water conservation, and air quality.


StreetInvest is an International Development NGO (est. 2008) based in Twickenham.  It hosts a global network of organisations and individuals who share their vision of putting a trustworthy adult into the life of every street-connected child.  StreetInvest promotes and supports a distinct form of youth work called street work, which can be the first step to positive change in a young person’s life.  Together with its partners, StreetInvest helps street-connected children to grow and develop so that they can reach their potential and reduces the abuse and discrimination that they suffer.

The School & Family Works

Supporting schools, strengthening families, enabling change

The School & Family Works is a team of qualified, experienced therapists working in partnership with schools in South West London, to support children to be successful at school.  A social enterprise, they work in schools, often in areas of high deprivation, delivering long-lasting change through their Family Group intervention, a multi-family therapy model.  In weekly 3 hour sessions, they take a holistic approach (involving children, parents, school staff and the therapist) to identify and break through cycles which may have been repeated from generation to generation. By enabling insight into the complex problems their families are dealing with, and by giving children and parents the confidence that they need to face up to their challenges, Family Group transforms lives.

TCV The Conservation Volunteers

Join in, feel good!

The Conservation Volunteers (TCV), is a National Charity (est. 1959) helping thousands of people each year to reclaim local green places which are increasingly under threat. Looking after green places isn’t just about caring for nature, it’s about caring for people as well.  A well-used green place is a classroom, a gym, a playground and a sanctuary.  Operating locally, TCV, runs weekly work days for volunteers, Corporate Work Days, and Green Gym sessions on sites throughout Richmond Upon Thames.