MiD Mediation and Counselling has been offering support to families after separation or divorce in South West London for over 30 years and is now also opening an office at the Etna Centre. Mediation can help work out what happens next without having to go to court and can help with arrangements for children and any financial disputes. Mediation can give you more say about what happens, is less stressful, is cheaper than going to court and is easier on the children. Mid Mediation can also offer legal aid for those people who qualify financially. We also have counsellors to help parents and children who might be struggling with the challenges which surround a family breakdown.

Run mediation for couples who are divorcing/separating
Run Counselling for Children whose parents have divorced/separated or are about to divorce/separate (funded by Children in Need and Richmond Parish Lands)
Run Counselling for adults who need extra support during or after a divorce
Run Family Bridges sessions for families who are experiencing conflict and are struggling to communicate. We can work with the family to help them communicate better and find a way forward.
Run Community Mediation for neighbours who might be struggling to come to an agreement so they can live happily next to each other.

For more information or to book an appointment please call or visit the website:


0208 891 6860