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Please note that the ETNA Community Centre operates a NO SMOKING and NO NAKED FLAME policy.

The individual or organisation named on the Room Hire Booking Form (“you”/”the hirer”) shall be responsible for ensuring that these conditions are met in ALL respects. If you are not present at the event, you must ensure that a named representative reads and understands these Terms and Conditions.

Deposit and Payment of Fees

All charges for hall and room hire need to be paid in full at the time of booking if it is in less than one month before the event date. Or one month before the booking date by BACS, cheque or cash. We will send you an invoice with details of how to pay.
For regular booking’s we require payment at the beginning of each calendar month and will invoice you accordingly.


You will need to collect a set of keys for the Centre from the office the week before your booking. Keys must be posted back through the secure letter box.


Bookings cancelled one month or more before the booked date are eligible for a full refund. Bookings cancelled less than one month in advance will only be refunded if the hall is subsequently re-let.


You will be held personally responsible for any damage caused to the premises and the costs for any such repairs will be charged in full to the hirer in question.

Session Periods

The Centre closes at 22.30. Tidying and cleaning up is to be completed by this time.

Hirers (regular or occasional) must not arrive before their booked time, and they must leave by the end of the booked period.

Permitted Use

ETNA is typically used for receptions, parties, fitness groups, dance classes, social and sports clubs, counselling and meditation, self-help groups and children’s parties and other functions.

You must ensure that the premises are used only for the purposes stated on your booking form.

You are responsible for your users during your period of hire and must take proper and reasonable steps to ensure that:

  • only those invited to attend gain access to the premises and its facilities and that there is no intrusion or hindrance to any other Centre user;
  • all users leave the Centre following the event;
  • all users leave the premises in the same condition as they were found;
  • all users take reasonable steps to limit noise when arriving and departing from the Centre so as not to cause nuisance or inconvenience to residents in neighbouring properties and other users of the centre.

PLEASE DO NOT AT ANY TIME PUT THE DOOR ON THE LATCH This poses a breach of our insurance and a safety/security hazard to the building and other centre users. All members of your group or organisation must be greeted at the door to reduce any risk to the other Centre users.


Please ensure that the premises are left clean and tidy and that all rubbish is removed from the site.
All furniture must be returned to its original place. You must remove your rubbish from the premises.


The premises are not licensed for the sale of alcohol but event licences can be obtained. You are responsible for making sure that any event licences for the sale of alcohol are obtained and that proof of such licence is provided to ETNA at least 7 days prior to the event taking place. There is no restriction on serving alcohol responsibly at a private function.


Free Wi-Fi is available at ETNA’s discretion. ETNA does not accept any liability for illegal downloads or misuse.


Parking is available at the rear of the centre, please note this is on a first come first served basis. Only disabled drivers may park on the front driveway. Please park considerately.


You will need to organise a copyright licence for the use of music at private bookings.


The hall is not licensed for public performances of music and dancing, so tickets for music and dance cannot be sold at the door. You must ensure that all appropriate licences are obtained for any public performance of music or other media.

Please ensure that no music is played on the premises after 22.30. You must also ensure that noise levels during an event are kept within accepted levels as set out by the Environmental Health Authority.


WILL NOT be responsible for any loss or damage to any personal property of the hirer or users of the premises.

RESERVES THE RIGHT to refuse or cancel a booking without giving a reason, but especially where they consider that the use may cause damage or nuisance to others, or that there may be an activity incongruous with our primary function as a Community Centre.

RESERVES THE RIGHT to cancel a confirmed booking in exceptional circumstances. Should these arise, as much notice as possible will be given, it is ETNA’s liability to the return the booking fee.


The Fire Assembly Point is on the corner of Riverdale and Rosslyn Road. Please meet on the pavement outside the property.

All users must ensure that the fire apparatus on the premises is not interfered with in any way.

You must ensure that NO emergency exits are LOCKED, OBSTRUCTED, OR LEFT OPEN.

You must ensure that all persons using the premises are fully aware of the FIRE PROCEDURES and FIRE EXITS (see Fire Safety Instructions).